There’s an eloquence in simplicity that Dr. Khattab has been able to implement in this translation. In addition, his explanatory notes help to explain or elaborate on certain concepts brought up in the Qur’an. His translation also groups verses together under thematic headings. Doing so makes each page visually appealing and easier to read, and draws attention to the myriad ideas and concepts that are presented in the Qur’an. Overall there is a distinct focus on putting the audience first, and making the Qur’an accessible to readers of all backgrounds and understandings—just as it was intended, 1400 years ago. 
- Aaron Wannamaker



The Clear Quran is a translated interpretation newcomers to the Quran have been waiting for. Other translations can be clunky and difficult to read. This translation is presented in modern English and is very accessible to both veteran and novice readers. However, what is most notable about this translation is an extensive use of footnotes. All of which have been compiled to thrust the reader into the social and historical context of the Quran. This addition not only provides historical background but also helps to illuminate its contents.
- Jason Gowrie

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