Watch The Message (movie), 1976, starring Anthony Quinn: 

Purpose of Life (Amazing lecture by Sheikh Khalid Yasin) parts 1-17: (

Good documentaries on Islam (produced by BBC, History Channel, National Geographic, etc): 

PBS’s Legacy of a Prophet Documentary (must-see): 

History Channel documentary, Inside Islam: 

Islamic English TV Channels (watch free):

Halal Tube (lectures): 

Useful Islamic links: 

Introduction to Islam:

Translations of the Qur’an: (translations of the Qur’an in many world languages, with audio) (with audio for both Arabic recitation & English Translations)

Biographies of the Prophet (PBUH)

Hadith (Sayings & Doings of the Prophet PBUH):

Qur’anic Recitations in Arabic (Melodious Voices):
Sheikh M. Seddiq al-Minshawi:
Sheikh Mashari Rashid:
Other Famous Reciters from all over the world:

Muslim Behavior & Character:

Reliable Muslim Website:

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