• Smile! It’s a charity.
  • Love for all; hate for none. I don’t hate any human being. I might disagree with someone’s choices, beliefs, or priorities in life, but at the end of the day we are all brothers and sisters in humanity.
  • A person who claims to be Muslim but still harms other people is like someone who claims to be vegetarian but eats beef and chicken everyday!
  • Canada is not a hotel. Canada is home.
  • The more knowledge we acquire, the more aware we become of our ignorance and limitations.
  • If you are sure what you do is OK, don’t worry about what people say.
  • Common sense is not very common.
  • A little something is better than a big nothing.
  • Use me, but don’t abuse me or you will lose me!
  • The Sunnah, the better.
  • Don’t judge Islam by what Muslims do, but judge Muslims by what Islam teaches. Islam is perfect; Muslims are not.

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