Statement on Homosexuality

In 2012, I made a statement about homosexuality. Since then, I have made several interviews to clarify my position. To sum up,

  1. I stand by my religious beliefs (which are based on the concept of Abrahamic morality) that any sexual practice beyond marriage between a man and a woman (including homosexuality) is a sin in Islam. Having feelings towards someone of the same or opposite gender is not sinful, as long as one doesn’t act upon it. God’s doors of mercy and forgiveness are wide open to everyone.
  2. I apologized for the insensitive way I spoke, which signified a lack of understanding of the intricacies of western culture and lifestyle. I advocate dialogue with and inclusion of everyone—regardless of their faith, colour, or orientation. I fully accept members of the LGBTQ2 community as my brothers and sisters in humanity, and strongly condemn any attack on them.


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